Garden Etiquette

  • Leave flowers and plants for everyone to enjoy. Do not collect or remove seeds, flowers, fruits, and vegetables, plant labels, etc.
  • Children should be supervised at all times. One adult should accompany every five children.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the Garden. Service animals are permitted with proper I.D. Special “Dog Days” – specific days and times when leashed dogs are allowed - are noted on our calendar of events.
  • Stay on designated pathways at all times. Do not block pathways or access for other visitors.
  • Do not wade or swim in lake, ponds or fountains.
  • Climbing, running and athletic games are prohibited inside the Garden.
  • Kite flying is only permitted in designated areas on assigned days as scheduled by the Garden. Please check our calendar of events for specific days. 
  • Bicycles, rollerblades, scooters, and skateboards are not permitted. Adult-controlled children’s items with wheels are permitted (e.g., strollers, wagons).
  • Visitors are welcome to take photos and videos for personal use. All professional photographic sessions must have an appointment, pay a fee in advance, and abide by the Garden photography policy. Drones are not allowed.
  • Do not feed or handle any wildlife. It can be harmful to them and you.
  • Dispose of waste and recyclables in trash receptacles. All trash is sorted for recycling.
  • Keep your personal items with you at all times. The Garden cannot be held responsible for missing items. The Garden does not offer a place to store personal items (i.e., a locker). If you do not wish to carry them with you, leave them in your vehicle.
  • If you recover an item that does not belong to you, please turn it in to a staff person in the Visitor Center.
  • The Garden is a family-friendly environment. Appropriate attire is required on all guests at all times including shirts/tops, pants/slacks and shoes. Adults may not wear revealing clothing such as lingerie, bathing suits or cut-offs.
  • The Garden is a nicotine-free environment. Cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars, chewable tobacco and similar products are not allowed on Garden property including all grounds, buildings, restrooms, and parking areas.
  • Outside alcohol, firearms, and portable music players without headphones are prohibited.


Visitors who choose not to comply with these guidelines may be asked to leave the Garden.

Visitors grant permission to Tulsa Botanic Garden to utilize their image, likeness, and/or sound recordings for the purpose whatsoever in perpetuity.