Friday, April 13, 2018 (All day) to Saturday, April 14, 2018 (All day)

Each year Botanical! Weekend will begin on Friday evening by taking you to one of the coveted regional cuisines of the world with menus conceived and prepared, on site, by prominent, well-regarded Chefs from the region chosen.

An Homage to the Bistro Cuisine of “Paris” at Botanical!
April 13, 6 PM

Please join us this year as we ‘travel’ to Paris for a Parisian Bistro Moderne evening with menus conceived and prepared by Parisian Chef Amélie Darvas.  Join us for cocktails in the Children’s Discovery Garden at 6 p.m. and be seated for dinner at 7 p.m..  Eight small ‘Bistros’ have been created at the Garden - each seating 24-26 patrons per Bistro at tables for 2, 4, and 6 - each having their own wait staff, lead waiter and sommelier.  In short, you are invited to enjoy the evening with friends as though you were simply going ‘out for dinner’.  No entertainment, no microphones, no pleas for additional money.… just dinner - intriguing food, sustainable, regional, Bistro moderne to the core and beautifully presented.  Small batch, predominantly organic, family-owned vineyard wines as accompaniments.  Dress is Casual Left Bank Chic…jeans and comfy shoes are perfectly au courant!  Valet provided. $1500 per person. 

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The Symposium at Botanical!
April 14, 9 AM to 1:30 PM

On Saturday morning, a Symposium will be held with 2-3 internationally known speakers furthering the discussion of the chosen region’s cuisine.  This year, Carolin Young will bring you tales of two fabulous 17th c French gardens - what was grown, how it was used - and share with you the reasons why those specific two gardens changed the course of French culinary history.  Ms. Young will be followed by Julia Abramson, PhD who will further the historical discussion by bringing you into the scenario of the early French Émigrés to America and how the Emigres themselves changed the course of the American culinary experience.  Our 3rd speaker, Christopher Curtis, is a nationally recognized sculptor whose work is currently being exhibited at Tulsa Botanic Garden.  At the conclusion of the speakers there will be a 30 minute question and answer period moderated by a member of the Oxford Food Symposium.

“THE TASTING”  luncheon, immediately follows the conclusion of Symposium!  This too will be an annual event and will give the attendees of the Symposium the opportunity to taste specific and authentic regional foods, condiments and spices of the cuisine chosen.  Formaggio Kitchen of Boston is providing French olives, cheeses, jambon, mustards, olive oils, honeys and butters.  French baguettes and fougasse provided locally as well as fresh spring vegetables. Hard ciders will accompany THE TASTING.  David Robinson, of Formaggio Kitchen will guide attendees through the different products chosen for The Tasting.  

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The Bazaar at Botanical!
April 14, 10 AM to 5 PM

A French Market modeled on the iconic Marché au Puce of Paris.  You are welcome to stroll through the various small tents featuring authentic French antiques - from the serious to the whimsical; French nosegays, Je Ne C’est Pas - a tent of random findings; French pastries; Garden Treasures - old pots, the odd chair, the strange ‘objet’; Rare and Unusual Plants; a strolling musician or two, and a caricature artist!  Delivery of large items can happily be arranged if necessary.  The day is complete with scattered tables for picnics and an extraordinary opportunity to wander through the Tulsa Botanic Garden and enjoy the ambience of the Garden on a beautiful, early spring day.  OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! Botanical Weekend 2018