Science Lessons

 Check out our virtual science lessons with activities, including: Photosynthesis   |   Pollination   |   Seeds On the Move   |   Snow   |    Seasons    | and DIY Leaf Mandala Art 

Flower Dissection - Looking at parts of a flower

Virtual Lesson: Photosynthesis

Materials (pdf file): 
Photosynthesis Activity: Flower Template

Virtual Lesson: Pollination - Part 1: Story Reading

Virtual Lesson: Pollination - Part 2: Parts of a Flower

Virtual Lesson: Pollination - Part 3: Activity 

Virtual Lesson: Seeds On the Move 

Materials (pdf files): 
Seeds On the Move: Flip Book sheets  |  Seeds On the Move: Additional Activities   |   Seeds On the Move: Template for Helicopter Activity  | Seeds On the Move: Make a Parachute Activity  

Virtual Lesson: Snow

Materials (pdf files): Types of Snowflakes   |   Pattern Blocks Sheet   |   Construct a Snowflake Sheet   |   Constructing a Snowflake Instructions  |   Lifecycle of a Snowman   |   Recipes for Making Fake Snow     

Virtual Lesson: Seasons of Oklahoma

Materials (pdf files):  Seasons Activity Sheet  |  Four Seasons Tree template



DIY Leaf Mandala Craft - Video with instructions