Children's Discovery Garden

Children's Discovery Garden 

The Children's Discovery Garden encompasses almost two acres in a fantastical “wonderland” garden environment offering experience-based learning opportunities for children and families. It opened on May 15, 2016 (see photos from construction).

The focal point of the garden is the Stream Valley, with the water source emanating from the Spring Giant, a 15’ rugged stone face entered through a hidden grotto. The Stream Valley includes fountains of spitting animals, an art wall where kids can paint with water, and the Willow Coppice. The stream flows into the Round Pond near the entrance planted with aquatic plants including water lilies, papyrus, hibiscus and more. 


The Meadow offers exploration of trails through grasses and flowering perennials as well as larger-than-life insect whirligigs hovering above. 

A grove of post oaks, at the highest point of the Children’s Garden, is home to the Tree Fortoffering a secret hiding place within the trunks as well as vantage points through windowed portals set among the tree limbs. Local artist Clayton Coss created one-of-a-kind 'Oak Thrones' – oversized, ornate wooden thrones for the Tree Fort, carved to represent the two predominate native oak species: blackjack oak and post oak. Families can borrow a book to read from our book basket in the Tree Fort or dress up as butterflies, birds or other animals. 

A Sensory Walk invites all to experience plants through touch, smell, sound and sight.

Lisa Regan (a.k.a. Garden Deva) created artistic pieces for the Children's Discovery Garden entrance as well as the Sensory walk within the Children's Discovery Garden.