Botanical 2020 Chef

Meet Chef Gabriel Israel!

Growing up in the restaurant business, Gabriel was introduced to cooking at an early age when he started cooking for his father’s catering company. Gabriel developed a passion for food and by the age of 25 moved to New York where he worked for Michelin-starred chef Daniel Boulud, was the Head Chef at Yotel Hotel and later opened his own Shuka Food Truck - while also focusing on his other passion as a graffiti and tattoo artist.

Gabriel is currently the Culinary Director at L28 Culinary Platform, where he was intimately involved in conceptualizing and building the project’s platform. Chef Gabriel’s culinary style is inspired by the combination of his North African-Ashkenazi roots, his free-spirted artistic side and a reference of NY-Jewish style food from his time living and working in New York.

Gabriel was the second rotating chef at L28, from April 2019 to October 2019. Following his residency, Gabriel returned to his position as L28’s Culinary Director, mentoring L28’s new rotating chefs while continuing to break boundaries for the Israeli culinary industry.

About L28:

L28, located at Start-Up Nation Central’s headquarters at 28 Lilienblum St. in Tel Aviv, is an innovative culinary platform that works to nurture, celebrate and promote Israel’s fast growing food culture. 

The platform explores and defines Israeli cuisine through an accelerator concept, creative public programs and pop-ups. L28 enlists a new rising chef to take over the kitchen every six months and refine their interpretation of Israeli cuisine. In a similar manner to that of a start-up accelerator, each chef is supported with all the operational elements needed to succeed.